Friday, September 15                        International Exchange Building

13:00~18:00 Registration Meeting Room 2  (2F) 


FAWA Board Members

2018-2023 Meeting & 

Meeting Room 1  (2F)  
  Appointment of Nomination Committee  
17:00~18:00 Opening Ceremony Rehearsal International Conference Room
18:30~20:30 Welcome Dinner Reception Hall  (1F) 


Saturday, September 16                    International Exchange Building

8:15~9:10 Registration Meeting Room 2  (2F)
9:30~12:00 Opening Ceremony                   

International Conference Room














  Welcome Speech
  Keynote Speech: Mariko Bando
  Photo Session
12:30~13:30 Lunch & Guest Speech
  Speaker: Hisako Matsui




In Memory

14:30~15:30 Country Report



Business Meeting & Election of

5 Members At Large

18:00~20:30 Night View Dinner Sunshine City(Ikebukuro)
  Sunday, September 17        International Exchange Building

9:00~9:30 Registration Meeting Room 2 (2F) 
9:30~11:30 Plenary Session

Reception Hall  (1F) 










  Speaker: Shina Tsuyuki
  Speaker: Francesca Geary
  Speaker: Lully Miura
  Speaker: Masako Wakamiya
12:00~12:30 Guest Speech

Speaker: Kiichi Fujiwara


12:30~13:30 Lunch
14:00~16:00 Workshop  Room 401, 403, 405,  4F in the Central   Building and Reception Hall
  1】Climate Change  
  2】Women's Health and Technology  
  3】Women and Work-Life Balance          Post Corona  

4】Ageing Society with Focus on            Women




16:30~18:30  Japanese Cultural Experience    Oka Tei & Art Building

      (Tea Ceremony & Dressing Summer Kimono)


16:30~17:30  Board of Trustees Meeting            Meeting Room1 (2F)   

18:30~20:30  Dinner                                    Reception Hall  (1F)


Monday, September 18        International Exchange Building

8:30~12:30 Tokyo City Tours Tokyo
12:30~13:30 Lunch Reception Hall  (1F) 



Newly Elected Executive Board

2023-2025 Meeting

Room 105  (1F)  Central Building


14:00~15:30 Country Performance Rehearsal Reception Hall  (1F) 



Workshop Report Convention Resolution



Special Speech YujiKitamaru 


18:00~20:30 Closing Ceremony & Gala Dinner